Frequenter Acceptae Quaestiones
Frequently Asked Questions about the Seminary of Saint Pius X of Ecône


I. What is the current average age of a seminarian at Ecône ?
The average age today is about 24 years. 

II. What different nationalities can be found among the seminarians at Ecône ? 
There are seminarians from France, Switzerland, Italy, United Kingdom, Australia, India, New Zealand, U.S.A..

III. When do the seminarians begin to wear the cassock ? 
After four months the first year seminarians receive the cassock at a special ceremony which takes place traditionally on the 2nd February. Once received, the cassock is worn for the duration of their formation and for the rest of their life. 

IV. How many seminarians are under instruction at Ecône ? 
Throughout the SSPX there currently 162 seminarians under instruction in six seminaries (Switzerland, France, Germany, U.S.A., Argentina, Australia). At Ecône there are 65 seminarians at present, to which one must add the 12 seminarians of Flavigny (France) who will soon finish their first year, the year of spirituality, and who will join the seminarians of Ecône in September. 

V. What are the age limits of admission to the seminary
Generally a candidate must be between the age of 18 and 35 years old.

VI. How long is the formation of a seminarian ? 
The future priests of the SSPX receive a formation of 6 years before ordination.

VII. Do the seminarians have regular holidays ?
There are holidays at Christmas and Easter (15 days each) and after the ordinations from the beginning of July to about the 15th September. During the holidays the seminarians are free to return home, to stay at one of the SSPX priories or to do some other apostolic work.

VIII. When does a seminarian receive the order of sub-deacon ?
In the middle of the fifth year the seminarians receive the order of sub-deacon to which is traditionally joined the engagement to ecclesiastical celibacy. It is from this moment that the seminarians are held to the daily recitation of the breviary.

IX. Is a knowledge of Latin necessary for entry to Ecône?
No. For the first three years of seminary an intensive formation in Latin is given to the seminarians.

X. Does the seminary training exclude sport?
Sunday and Wednesday afternoons must be spent outside of seminary. The variety of sports include football, basketball, volleyball, cycling, climbing, walking and in winter there is ice-hockey, cross-country skiing, luge etc...

XI. In what language are the lectures ?
At the Séminaire Saint-Pie X of Ecône, the lectures and conferences are in French.

XII. Is there a minimum academic entry requirement to the seminary ?
Candidates for entry to the seminary must have the equivalent of the French baccalaureate or the Swiss maturité or two English A-levels which in effect means a basic formation in the arts and sciences.

XIII. Who teaches the seminarians of Ecône ?
At Ecône there is a bishop and six priests of the SSPX who are responsible for the academic formation and spiritual direction of the seminarians.

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